This is a very exciting time in the industry; as it is migrated to IP environments, the speed with which content and projects are generated beyond what he imagined. Proof of this is the IP platform that Comtelsat designed for the National Electoral Institute (INE) from Mexico, together with Aspera, to upload content to the cloud and to authorize immediate transmission on TV, PRODU recounted to Israel Gómez, director general de Comtelsat.

Storing content in the cloud and generate a collaborative platform, which in this case it involves the political party; INE to authorize the content and the TV station that will download transmission, It makes sense especially in election seasons, where it matters much agility for promotional, Aspera accelerators and make a primary role.

"The interesting thing about this project was that we gain the confidence of IT equipment INE and political parties. Now with just a password They enter a cloud platform where the INE authorizes the audiovisual content and, once authorized, TV operators can download it and transmit "described Gomez.

He added that it is truly a success, it bears broadcast levels of efficiency such as Internet video platforms: "This breaks paradigms because political parties campaigning require generating content, the adoption and aired the same day. It is a project that takes the broadcast IP to a level similar platforms to YouTube ".