Transport networks Audio and Video in real time

  • Transport and Signal Processing
  • Media Network Real-Time
  • Transport Network Digital Audio
  • Transport done by Fiber Optic
  • Links for Skype Media Broadcast

Intercom Systems

  • Intercom Digital Matricial
  • Intercom Digital Party Line (DPL)
  • Digital Wireless Intercom
  • Link Radios Truncking Professionals
  • Links with mobile VoIP
  • AVB technology support

MEDIORNET - Integral Solution for Audio Network,Video, Data and Real-Time Communications

  • Transport Signal (3G/HD/SD- SDI, Audio, data and intercom) via optical fiber
  • Signal routing point - multipoint CWDM multiplexing uncompressed
  • Process and signal conversion
  • Different topologies with full redundancy and autoruteo
  • Transport via WAN, Encoders y Decoders
  • Núcleo de ruter MEDIORNET MetroN con capacidad de 64 Gb realtime (to 384 HD-SDI signals)


Distribution Network Audio high performance

  • Management 80 channels (ROCKNET 100)
  • Management 160 channels (ROCKNET 300).
  • Configuring Redundant Ring native CAT5, Optional Coaxial or Optical Fiber
  • Sampling 48 kHz the 96 kHz
  • Independent gain control per channel
  • Management Analog Audio, digital, TUESDAY
  • Interface cards for different brands of consoles


Optical fiber –
Fiber optic cables PURE ruggedized

  • Smart Rack - Modular Accessories Fiber Optic
  • RF transmission optical fiber


TX (Video conference with professional quality)

  • For video links on Broadcast Media Communication
  • Delivery quality HD-SDI
  • Use the Microsoft Skype software TX
  • Input / output GPI and External Reference (Optional AES 67)

riedel-skypeTX TANGO – Network Communications Platform

  • AES standards 67 and AVB
  • DPL Integrado
  • AIO integrated
  • Multifunctional user interface SmartPanel



ARTIST – Matrix Intercom 100% Digital

  • Distributed and decentralized architecture
  • Scalable and extensible from 8 x 8 ports up 1,024 x 1,024,
  • Red redundant fiber optic ring
  • To 128 nodes with a single fiber network
  • Broadcast quality audio AES3 / EBU throughout the system
  • Digital connection of the control panels via coaxial, RJ45 fiber
  • TCP transmission capacity and VoIP
  • Virtual panels for iOS devices and Android and PC



ACROBAT – Digital Wireless Intercom

  • Wireless communications partyline and point to point
  • To 60/100 Wireless beltpacks
  • VoIP over DECT
  • Architecture cell type
  • Advanced automatic sync (ESA)
  • Inert to interference with wireless microphones, monitores In Ear (IEM), wifi or other wireless systems


- Digital Partyline Intercom

  • AES3 Digital Audio free and sounds
  • Perfect echo cancellation
  • Handling two or four partyline channels
  • Panels Desk, rack, wall and beltpack
  • Interface with matric system




BOLERO,,en,- wireless intercom system that allows efficient contact,,es – Sistema de intercom inalámbrico que permite tener un contacto eficiente.

  • To 10 beltpacks por antena y hasta 100 antenas con una sola instalación
  • Red de antenas basadas en el estándar IP, descentralizado AES67
  • Tecnología de receptor ADR exclusiva de RIEDEL supera los problemas de multi-trayectoria
  • Banda DECT 1.9 Ghz de próxima generación digital
  • Sellado ambiental IP-65